Window Cleaning / Solar Panel Cleaning

What is “de-ionized” window cleaning and solar panel cleaning?

While many window washing companies are still cleaning commercial properties with squeegees and chemical solvents, Gale Force offers a more advanced, effective, and eco-friendly solution.

With our mobile “de-ionization” water systems, we are able to convert conventional tap water into a completely pure solution that can be used to clean your windows without leaving any film or residue, and without causing any harmful chemical run-off.

Our de-ionization systems work by using water filtration tanks filled with positively and negatively charged “resin beads” to extract all of the dissolved solids from your tap water. When water is extracted from our filtration tanks, it acts as a pure cleaning solution that can be left to dry naturally without any streaking.

The benefits of de-ionized window washing are tremendous. First, your windows are left cleaner than ever before because there is no residue from water impurities or chemical solvents. Second, your windows are washed quicker, since drying can take place naturally (resulting in less disruption to your occupants). And third, you are able to reduce your environmental impact from regular washings, since you no longer need to use chemical solvents.

Why make Gale Force your choice for commercial window washing and solar panel cleaning?

  • De-ionization cleaning system provides the cleanest finish
  • Day or night cleaning services to avoid disruption to your tenants or owners
  • Ongoing maintenance programs to keep your windows clean all year
  • Nearly 10 years of window washing experience
  • Competitively priced one-time service and regular maintenance plans

What type of properties does Gale Force service for window washing and solar panel cleaning?

Gale Force typically cleans both interior and exterior windows for properties three stories and below. We also clean solar panel installations. We service HOAs, office complexes, retail centers, industrial buildings, banks, car dealerships, restaurants and other specialty property types.