Trash Hauling and Cleanup Services

What are the impacts of trash at your facility?

The smell, sight, physical damage and potential liability caused by excess waste on your property can have a dramatic impact on your property value.

For nearly 10 years Gale Force has been providing trash hauling and construction cleanup services to commercial properties, apartment complexes and HOAs throughout southern California. Our specialized service helps building owners keep their facilities clean from large or environmentally hazardous items that are not picked up by conventional trash companies.

In addition to removing waste, Gale Force can also clean the areas waste needs to be removed. This can involve pressure washing concrete to remove harmful chemical residue, pressure washing trash containers to remove a lingering odor, or repainting parking lot surfaces and fixtures.

Why select Gale Force for your trash hauling services?

  • Immediate on-call response when you need an item removed
  • Regular maintenance programs to eliminate liability from lingering waste
  • Nearly 10 years of experience in specialized waste hauling
  • Day or night services available, so not to disturb other building occupants
  • Competitively priced one-time or ongoing services

What types of items will your conventional trash service not pick up?

Gale Force can help you remove the items that your normal trash service will not touch. These items include: mattresses, large trees or brush, e-waste (such as computers, televisions, or other electronics), large construction debris or lumber. We are available