Pressure Washing

What is steam pressure washing?

Our steam pressure washing service, also known as steam cleaning, is the most effective way to clean concrete and other porous materials used in exterior building finishes.

We use commercial-grade, variable temperature pressure washing equipment, which enables our cleaning solution (basic tap water in most cases) to be heated to over 200º F and blasted at over 3500 PSI to eliminate the most challenging dirt, grease and grime from a variety of surfaces.

More conventional power washing services, which use cold water at a lower PSI, do not have the same cleaning power. In fact, cold-water power washers often have to rely on harsh chemical detergents to simulate the cleaning power of steam pressure washing—causing long-term damage to the surfaces that they are cleaning, and polluting the environment.

Why use Gale Force for your commercial pressure washing?

  • Truck mounted variable temperature pressure washing systems
  • 24/7 service (we can pressure wash day or night)
  • Environmental policies to avoid waste water run-off
  • Competitively priced one-time service and regular maintenance plans
  • Nearly 10 years of pressure washing experience

What can be cleaned with steam pressure washing?

Some of the most common uses for our pressure washing services include concrete walkways, courtyards, stairways, and warehouse interiors. We also clean many other building surfaces, such as wood, metal, stonework, glass, and building awnings. With each different project we are able to adjust the water temperature and pressure from our pressure washing equipment to achieve the best possible results without damaging your property.