Parking Lot Maintenance

What are the four essential elements of parking lot maintenance?

The condition and cleanliness of your parking lot can have a direct impact on the value of your building. To keep your parking lot in the best possible condition, Gale Force offers four key maintenance services that can be performed at regular intervals (which can vary depending upon the use, design and location of your building).

1. Parking lot sweeping: Involves cleaning your parking lot with truck-mounted vacuum sweepers to remove unsightly litter, leaves and debris. For difficult to reach areas, we also use low-noise emitting, environmentally-friendly backpack blowers. Additionally, we can change trash can liners and inspect for graffiti, vandalism, and dumped items upon each visit to your property.

2. Parking lot pressure washing: Involves cleaning the walls, pipes and fixtures in your parking lot or parking garage where exhaust debris and dirt collect over time. Both high-heat and regular cold water power washing can be used depending upon the surface.

3. Parking lot scrubbing: Involves cleaning your parking lot with a mobile scrubber to remove dirt, grease and tire marks where possible. The scrubber offers a deeper clean than power washing.

4. Parking lot painting: Involves retouching parking lot stripes, parking spot names, parking lot posts, piping any other fixtures. Additionally, we can retouch trash receptacles and remove graffiti located in your parking area.

Why make Gale Force your choice for parking lot maintenance?

  • Complete range of services to keep you parking lot looking great
  • Day or night cleaning services to avoid disruption to your tenants or owners
  • Ongoing maintenance programs reduce need to restripe as frequently
  • Nearly 10 years of parking lot maintenance experience
  • Competitively priced one-time service and regular maintenance plans

What other parking lot services does Gale Force provide?

In addition to parking lot maintenance, Gale Force can assist with parking lot renovations and reconfigurations. We offer parking lot striping, legend painting, curb painting, speed bump painting, and island painting. We can also perform sand blasting for existing painting and legend removal.