Graffiti Removal

What is the impact of graffiti on your building?

Graffiti can have a variety of harmful effects on your building. It can cause visitors and tenants to 1) feel unsafe, 2) believe that you have no pride of ownership in your property, and 3) reason that it is okay to disrespect your property themselves. As a result, failure to remove graffiti on your property can have a dramatic impact on your building’s value.

Similarly, failure to remove graffiti properly can also decrease your building’s value. If advanced cleaning and painting methods are not used, surfaces can look just as bad, if not worse, after removal attempts.

Gale Force Property Maintenance offers professional graffiti removal to restore surfaces to their previous finish and keep properties graffiti-free. We remove graffiti damage and match our over-painting to meet your existing exterior. In areas that are prone to repeat cases of vandalism, we can also apply an invisible protective coating that guarantees the ability to remove graffiti if vandalism occurs again.

Why make Gale Force your choice for graffiti removal?

  • Instant on-call responsiveness, day or night
  • Solutions to return your building to its original state
  • Corrective as well as preventative graffiti cleaning
  • Nearly 10 years of graffiti removal experience
  • Competitively priced one-time service and regular maintenance plans

What methods can Gale Force use to remove graffiti?

Prior to performing graffiti removal, it is important to identify the type of surface that the graffiti is on and the substance to be removed. Once these factors are known, we can select from the follow methods of removal.

Chemical Treatment: Involves the use of a solvent to dissolve the graffiti or other foreign substance. If this method is selected, we begin with a solvent that will have a limited possibility of damaging the building’s surface.

Paint: Involves covering graffiti to match the color of the building. Where this is possible, it can be the safest and least expensive method of removal.

Pressure Washing: Involves using pressurized water, sometimes heated, and sometimes in conjunction with a solvent to remove graffiti from unpainted surfaces.

Sandblasting: Involves spaying different grades of silica sand through a nozzle, sometimes in combination with water to remove foreign substances that cannot be removed with pressure washing or chemical treatments.